Trivia Night at Your Favorite Bar in Toms River

Are you looking to spice up your week? Why wait around for the weekend when you can go to an entertaining trivia night every Tuesday?  Enjoying trivia and Tito’s vodka at a bar in Toms River this Tuesday is a great way to unwind and break up the monotony of the week.

The Drinks

Wouldn’t it be great if happy hour lasted all night? On Tuesday trivia nights, you can take advantage of the value of happy hour all night long. Aside from normal happy hour prices, you can also enjoy Tito’s vodka drinks for only $5. Vodka is the perfect option for a relaxing Tuesday evening.  If you are gluten intolerant, Tito’s vodka is completely gluten-free! Having a few drinks at your favorite bar in Toms River while answering trivia questions is sure to brighten up your week.

The Fun

If you have never gone to a trivia night, you are in for a good time. Trivia isn’t just about answering questions like you are back at school. It’s about combining brainpower with your friends and thinking about funny, entertaining, and interesting topics. You won’t understand how fun trivia is until you yell out “Oh, oh I know this one!” When your favorite bar in Toms River adds an entertaining DJ into the mix, you can look forward to a very fun Tuesday night.

The Food

Trivia can be challenging on an empty stomach. In order to truly enjoy yourself, you need to go to a bar in Toms River that will serve you food during an engaging trivia challenge. Nothing goes better with $5 Tito’s drinks than delicious food like wood-burning oven rustic pizzas, juicy burgers, and authentic pasta dishes. Great food will give you the energy and brainpower you need to answer trivia questions and beat out the competition.

The Glory

Trivia nights are fun no matter how well you do, but winning never hurts. By besting the other teams in trivia, you can end up going home with fun and valuable prizes. This will motivate you to do your very best.Games are always more fun when there is something to look forward to winning. If you win trivia night at your favorite bar in Toms River, you can walk away feeling smart and rewarded.

The Knowledge

Have you ever been in a group of people who are struggling to remember the name of some actor and it is driving everyone nuts? By honing your trivia expertise, you could be the one to say the actor’s name and save the day. Although the information is mostly ‘trivial,’ it is always fun to learn new things and show off your knowledge to others. Trivia facts also give you fun ways to start conversations and break the ice when meeting new people. And who knows – you may end up winning a TV game show one day from the info you learned at a bar in Toms River.

Tuscan Bistro Bar in Toms River

For a memorable and fun way to spend Tuesdays nights, head down to Tuscan Bistro Bar in Toms River. With $5 Tito’s drinks and happy hour deals all night long, you can loosen up on Tuesday nights without breaking your budget. You can accompany those drinks with something off of Tuscan’s wide and delectable food menu. Also, with a rotation of talented DJs, you can always expect entertainment that goes beyond a simple Trivia night. Contact Tuscan Bistro Bar or check out our events calendar to learn more about Trivia night, the menu, and other events that are sure to be a good time. Start honing your trivia skills so you can walk away with great prizes this Tuesday night.