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How to Choose a Catering Service for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is just around the corner! Are you ready to celebrate? The Jersey Shore is the perfect place to eat great food, have fun with friends, and watch the fireworks. If you are planning on hosting a get-together, you should have the opportunity to enjoy yourself rather than spend the whole time cooking. Are you ready to declare independence from the kitchen with professional catering services? Communication When hiring a catering service, clear communication is very important. A good caterer will show interest in your event, ask questions, and positively respond to your requests. This is a sign that the caterer is concerned with your satisfaction. A responsive catering company is also more likely meet all expectations for your Fourth of July celebration. Flexibility Another thing to look for in a catering service is flexibility. Some caterers are only suited for smaller social events. If you are planning a large blowout this Fourth of July, your caterer needs to be able to meet your needs. Regardless of the size of your event, you should give your caterer ample time to prepare for your event. You should also look for flexibility with the menu. Catering services typically offer a standard menu, but many will work with your particular needs. However, try to keep your requests within reason – talented…

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Office Holiday Party Ideas: Host Your Party at Tuscan Bistro Bar

Now is the time when everyone is trying to come up with office holiday party ideas that will let everyone have a good time. One of the best ways is to host your holiday party outside of the office for so many reasons. What better way to boost company morale and bring coworkers closer together than to have your holiday party in a warm, cozy and accommodating environment with a full bar and catering! Find a Relaxing Space Hosting off-site is probably one of the best holiday office party ideas.  It means no one will have to deal with the hassle of decorating, rearranging, or cleaning up after an on-site holiday party at the office. It’s hard to let loose and have a good time in the same room where you’re supposed to buckle down and get to work, so finding a relaxing restaurant that can accommodate your party’s size and ambiance is preferred. Leave The Work Behind By removing people from their work environment, you remove the different work responsibilities and roles that go along with being in the office. When you’re in a setting that is comfortable for everyone, it allows them to focus on enjoying themselves. You want your employees to be able to get to know each other personally instead of thinking about their roles at work….

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Why Catering Your Next Event is a Good Idea

Whenever you are planning any type of event, social or business, there is always so much to do. Of course you will want to participate in your event as well as plan it, but that can be difficult if you spend most of it overseeing the all the details. Any task you can let someone else handle will free you up to enjoy your event. It is best to hire a catering service and leave the food preparation to the experts. Choosing the Menu This task can be almost as difficult as preparing all the food when hosting a large group. You will want to plan a menu that will appeal to everyone. A restaurant or service with catering expertise can help you create a selection of menu choices that will make it almost impossible for your guest not to find something they like. Most catering services will also be able to tailor some of their menu options to accommodate guests who may have special dietary needs, such as gluten free options. How Much Food Will You Need? How many people will be attending your event? 30 guests? 50 guests or more? When was the last time you cooked for that many people? You probably never have, right? This is another reason catering is the best option when it comes…

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