Events and Catering

Tuscan Bistro Bar is the perfect location for your next special event. From family large gatherings to weddings and beyond…let us help you throw a memorable party!

The Tuscan Bistro Bar prides itself on offering a family style dining experience like Italian Americans are used to.  Our goal is to serve our guests big plates of food using the finest ingredients at a value you can afford. Our guests enjoy sharing big flavorful plates of food and experiencing a wide variety of our house specialties.  Check out our catering menus!

We can accommodate small and large parties in our house or yours!

A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.


16janAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

17janAll DayBOGO Ribs

18janAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

21janAll DayParmigiana Sunday

22janAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

23janAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

23jan7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

24janAll DayBOGO Ribs

25janAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

28janAll DayParmigiana Sunday

29janAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

30janAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

30jan7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

31janAll DayBOGO Ribs


1febAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

4febAll DayParmigiana Sunday

5febAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

6febAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

6feb7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

7febAll DayBOGO Ribs

8febAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

11febAll DayParmigiana Sunday

12febAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

13febAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

13feb7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

14febAll DayBOGO Ribs

15febAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

18febAll DayParmigiana Sunday

19febAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

20febAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

20feb7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

21febAll DayBOGO Ribs

22febAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

25febAll DayParmigiana Sunday

26febAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

27febAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

27feb7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia


1marAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

4marAll DayParmigiana Sunday

5marAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

6marAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

6mar7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

8marAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

11marAll DayParmigiana Sunday

12marAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

13marAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

13mar7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

15marAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

18marAll DayParmigiana Sunday

19marAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

20marAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

20mar7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

22marAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

25marAll DayParmigiana Sunday

26marAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

27marAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

27mar7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

29marAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays


1aprAll DayParmigiana Sunday

2aprAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

3aprAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

3apr7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

5aprAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

8aprAll DayParmigiana Sunday

9aprAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

10aprAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

10apr7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

12aprAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

15aprAll DayParmigiana Sunday

16aprAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

17aprAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

17apr7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

19aprAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

22aprAll DayParmigiana Sunday

23aprAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

24aprAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

24apr7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

26aprAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

29aprAll DayParmigiana Sunday

30aprAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu


1mayAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

1may7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

3mayAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

6mayAll DayParmigiana Sunday

7mayAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

8mayAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

8may7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

10mayAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

13mayAll DayParmigiana Sunday

14mayAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

15mayAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

15may7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

17mayAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

20mayAll DayParmigiana Sunday

21mayAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

22mayAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

22may7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

24mayAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

27mayAll DayParmigiana Sunday

28mayAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

29mayAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

29may7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

31mayAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays


3junAll DayParmigiana Sunday

4junAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

5junAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

5jun7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

7junAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

10junAll DayParmigiana Sunday

11junAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

12junAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

12jun7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

14junAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

17junAll DayParmigiana Sunday

18junAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

19junAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

19jun7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

21junAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays

24junAll DayParmigiana Sunday

25junAll DayThree for $20 Monday Menu

26junAll DayKids Eat Free* Tuesday

26jun7:00 pmTuesday Night Trivia

28junAll Day2 for $15 Cheeseburger Thursdays