A Toms River Restaurant with Something for Everyone

Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s family friendly? We understand that taking the whole family out for a meal can sometimes be a challenge. You need to find a restaurant that offers something for everyone at an affordable price. The kids are fussy and don’t like to sit still for long. You sister is always watching what she eats, Mom has to follow a gluten free diet and Dad’s always in a hurry.

Keeping the Kids Happy

Eating out with the kids, especially the little ones can sometimes test your patience. Besides being very particular about what they will and won’t eat, they have a short attentions span. Sitting through an entire meal without getting up or fidgeting is almost impossible.

Kids always take pride in something they make themselves and lunch or dinner is no different. We’ve come up with a way to help keep them occupied, get them to eat and may even allow the adults to relax a bit while enjoying their meal.

At Tuscan Bistro Bar, a Toms River restaurant, we offer the kids the opportunity to make their own pizza. First they get to pick all of their favorite ingredients. Then they layer the crust with sauce, cheese and toppings to build their pizza. We pop it into the oven and from a safe distance of course, they can watch it cook.

Because they made it, they will be anxious to eat their pizza. This will be one occasion where it won’t be a struggle to get them to eat. But the adults should save a little room as the kids will probably want you to sample the creations.

How to Build a Pizza

Affordable Family Dining

Taking the whole family out to eat can be a costly affair. Half the time the kids don’t even finish their meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Try our family style menu!

All the food ordered is meant to be shared, just like at your table at home. It is a full three course Italian style meal with a variety of food. Everyone is sure to find something they like and since it‘s family style, everyone can eat as little or as much as they want. This will eliminate ordering a whole meal for a little tyke and then have them tell you they’re full after three bites.

Oh and we almost forgot the best part! Kids under 10 eat free! Our family style menu can be a great way for all the family to enjoy a meal without anyone having to cook.

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Making Everyone Happy

There is always someone in the family who has special dietary needs, is health or weigh conscious or on a tight schedule. This can cause a dilemma when trying to decide on a Toms River restaurant everyone will enjoy. We offer so many different menu options, there’s sure to be something that will make everyone happy.

More and more restaurants are offering gluten free options and we are no exception. There’s no need for those following a gluten free diet to skip eating out. We offer tasty, gluten free meals and they are all clearly labeled with a small green icon with “GF” in the center and include soups, salads and entrees.

It used to be if you were eating clean or watching your weight you shied away from going out to eat. With our clean eating menu and our lite fare options, you can stick to your diet or health conscious regimen and still enjoy going out for a meal. Lite fare is clearly labeled with blue icon with a “LF” in the center and just ask for our clean eating menu.

Then there are those who are always on the go, rushing here and there. Too often they grab something quick, easy and often not so health from a fast food place or convenience store, especially at lunch time. With our Tic Toc lunch menu, you can sit down and enjoy a tasty, nutritious lunch without missing a beat or breaking the bank.

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A premiere Toms River restaurant, Tuscan Bistro Bar strives to serve every guest a meal that exceeds their expectations for a price that they’ll be happy with. Stop in and have a great meal with us. Relax, celebrate and enjoy at Tuscan Bistro Bar!