St. Paddy’s: Craic at Your Local Bar in Toms River

Language is a funny thing. Sometimes there are words that are simply not translatable, but hold a lot of meaning. For example, there is an Indonesian word “Jayus” which means a joke that is so poorly told that one can not help but laugh. Another one of these words is the Irish “Craic.” Pronounced “crack,” craic describes an ineffable concept of fun that can only be understood at your local bar in Toms River. This St. Paddy’s Day, you should begin your search for craic, and with a little luck of the Irish, you just might find it.

Great Food

Nothing says craic like good food. Food gives us a reason to gather with our friends and celebrate St. Paddy’s day. We all know that there is usually a fair amount of drinking associated with this Irish holiday, but drinking is never fun on an empty stomach. Craic doesn’t require corned beef and cabbage, for this concept of fun is whatever you want it to be. Whether you prefer an American spin on St. Patrick’s day with a juicy burger or a lucky plate of pasta, craic does not discriminate. Fuel up with delicious food at your local bar in Toms River, real fun awaits.

A Few Drinks

While drinks are not required for your journey to find the craic- they certainly help. This St. Paddy’s day, grab a pint of Guinness or some Jameson on the rocks to turn your craic filled afternoon or evening into the top o’ the morning. When you are surrounded by loved ones and having a few laughs with flushed cheeks and flowing drinks, you will start to understand the true meaning of the Irish phrase Whether you’re Irish for the day or come directly from the land of saints and scholars, the craic awaits you at your local bar in Toms River.

Enjoy The Music

When it comes to craic- food and drink can only go so far. A lull in the in conversation could whisk away the magical feeling of enjoyment on your St. Paddy’s day celebration. Luckily, there is music to save the day. During that pause after a long laugh, music will fill in the gaps with glee and craic. While you are waiting at the bar for your Irish beer, you can tap your feet and keep the fun rolling. Make sure that your local bar in Toms River has musical entertainment, or you may find yourself missing out on the craic.

Fun With Friends

This St. Patrick’s day, you could be eating the best food, sipping your favorite drink, and tapping your foot to amazing music, but the craic may still elude you. In order to truly feel the craic, you must bring along your friends and loved ones to your local bar in Toms River. You will be unable to avoid the craic when a pal tells a hysterical St Paddy’s joke. Or the storyteller in your group spins a yarn about their run-in with a leprechaun. You should also make sure that you choose a place that has kid-friendly options. The craic doesn’t have to be just an afternoon with the crew, it can be a gleeful occasion with the whole family.

The Craic At Your Local Bar In Toms River

Tuscan Bistro Bar is one place where you are guaranteed to find the craic this St. Patrick’s day. Continue your St Paddy’s weekend on Sunday March 19th for a joyous brunch. While you enjoy excellent food and your favorite drinks, DJ Unique and percussionist Detail will set the tone with great tunes. For a craic-filled party that you won’t want to miss, come down to Tuscan Bistro Bar. Food and drink specials run from 12-5 PM. Come find the Craic at Tuscan Bistro Bar!