Looking for Live Entertainment in Toms River?

Wondering what to do for fun on a Friday or Saturday night? Whether it’s a date night or just hanging out with friends or family, live entertainment in Toms River is always a great choice. Music and other forms of original performance bring people together. Bonding over live music can create a sense of community for attendees, especially when the performances are hosted at their favorite local establishment.


Music makes people feel less tense and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Enjoying live acts as a group is a form of relaxation that dates back centuries. A mutual appreciation for a live performance brings people together and relieves stress. If you’re craving a cathartic relief, check out your local live entertainment.

Social Engagement

With smartphones and other technology infringing on almost every aspect of our modern lives, it’s important to set aside time for face-to-face social interactions. Sometimes, designating this face-time can be challenging, especially when you’re attempting to bond with someone that you just met, or know little about. Music can be a solid middle-ground where people can share in a unique occasion together.

Experiencing music at your local bar or restaurant allows fans to witness their favorite artists up-close and personally, with high engagement and crowd participation. Music is an inclusive medium that all people can join or participate in. Exposure to new music isn’t something that most people prioritize in their daily schedules. Although it is something that most would agree is valuable and enjoyable. Live entertainment is a fantastic way to broaden artistic horizons, meet new people, and create new friendships.

Exclusive Experience

Catching some live entertainment provides a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Coming together with friends or family to see live, original music is a great way to make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. What could be better than grabbing a snack at the bar and settling in for a soothing evening of relaxation with the people you love?

Moving away from the norm and opening yourself up to new adventures is a great way to make an impact. Although smaller details might someday be forgotten, the feelings and connections that can be made through live entertainment will stay with you and your friends for years to come.

Boost Spirits

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant without music playing in the background? Adding music to a normal bar and restaurant atmosphere gives a more carefree and cheerful impression. It’s impossible to have a bad time when everyone else around you is singing, dancing, and having fun!

Music creates an infectious energy that has the ability to touch entire stadiums full of people. It is said to be one of the greatest adjoining human forces, along with laughter. Combining music, food, and laughter make for a positive encounter for all. People go from having individual, separate experiences to having one larger family-style experience.

Looking for Live Entertainment in Toms River?

Just as live entertainment adds spice to your life, it also amps up your typical bar or restaurant experience. It provides a change from the typical weekend. Music also allows people to cut loose from their conventional schedule, and get a bit of exercise while dancing and enjoying the energy of the performances.

You don’t have to go far to experience some quality live performances. Tuscan Bistro Bar offers live entertainment in Toms River every Friday and Saturday night at 9 pm! Here’s our line-up for the rest of January:

  • Retro Nights – Friday, January 13th
  • The Amused – Saturday, January 14th
  • DJ Dante Cioffi – Friday, January 20th
  • The Characters – Saturday, January 21st
  • Retro Nights – Friday, January 27th
  • Katfish Lucy – Saturday, January 28th

Come out for a delicious dinner, and then stay to support these talented independent artists at your favorite restaurant in Toms River! For more information on upcoming events, you can follow our Facebook page, or reach out to us with any questions.