Great Value At Your Local Restaurant in Toms River

We all love socializing, trying new and exciting dishes, and having some fun at restaurants but can’t go all the time. Luckily, you don’t have to cook at home for every meal if you look out for great deals ahead of time. Here is how you can go out to a local restaurant in Toms River and enjoy a great meal without breaking the bank!

Happy Hour – Sunset Menu

If you are looking for value, happy hour is a great time to go to your local restaurant in Toms River. Happy hour isn’t only for the drinkers among us, it is also a perfect time to experience delicious entrees at exceptional prices. Kick back and relax from 3:00-5:30 any day you want! You could be enjoying salmon genovese with half-price wine if you simply go out to eat a bit earlier than usual. Enjoying a sunset menu is a fun way to get an amazing meal any day of the week.

Buy One Get One

Do you have any friends with similar taste? You should bring them along next time you go to your local restaurant in Toms River. A buy one get one free deal allows you to get your favorite entree at a great value. You and your friend could soon be staring down two racks of blackberry brandy smothered ribs without putting a large dent in your wallet.

Go For Lunch

Typically, when we think about dining out, we think about having dinner. Those of us looking to eat out more often should consider changing that mindset and grab lunch instead. By choosing to go out for lunch, you can usually get a delicious and filling meal at a significantly lower price than a similar dish at dinner.

Celebrate Your Birthday

Your birthday is one time of year when you should splurge on going out but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of great specials at your local restaurant in Toms River. You can take advantage of possible birthday benefits or your friends just might buy your meal for you!  On your birthday you can have your cake and eat it too as long as you aren’t too embarrassed by the birthday song!

Look For Deals

We can often save money dining out by simply planning ahead. Most of the time your local restaurant in Toms River will have deals depending on the day and time you go. Check out what deals your favorite restaurant offers and make a plan to go at that specified time. Being rash and going to a restaurant on a whim could put an unnecessary strain on your wallet.


If you think juicy burgers and homemade pastas are great, you should try eating them while watching live entertainment. Your local restaurant in Toms River will often have live entertainment to accompany your delicious meal. Plan your next night out so that you can enjoy complimentary entertainment along with the food you order.

Your Local Restaurant In Toms River

If you are looking for a local restaurant in Toms River with value and amazing meals, Tuscan Bistro Bar is the place to go. Not only is Tuscan a restaurant with fair prices, but you can get a $10 entree all day long on Mondays, BOGO ribs on Wednesdays and BOGO prime rib on Thursdays and Tic Toc lunch specials 7 days a week. WIth Tuscan’s wide array of deals, you can enjoy an eclectic and delicious menu without breaking the bank. Contact Tuscan Bistro Bar to find out about specials so you can enjoy an amazing meal with a great value.