Try Gluten Free Options at a Restaurant in Toms River

For people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, the gluten free diet is nothing new. It has helped those people to find relief in their everyday life. People who don’t suffer from Celiac disease may think going gluten free is unnecessary but it does offer many health benefits. Still, completely changing the way you eat is easier said than done. Going gluten free means shopping for different foods and researching different recipes. You may ask yourself, “Where do I even start?”. The easiest way to start could be to try gluten free options at your favorite restaurant in Toms River. Once you understand and have experienced the benefits of gluten free, you may never want to go back.

Improved Digestion

One of the main symptoms of Celiac disease is inflammation in the small intestine and the flattening of the intestinal villi. This makes it difficult for the small intestine to properly absorb important vitamins and minerals. For those suffering from Celiac, eliminating gluten from your diet is a great way to find relief. If you don’t have Celiac but you feel like you have a weak stomach, eating gluten free is a great way to start eating clean and can help to improve your digestive system.

Good for the Mind

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, those with gluten sensitivity who continue to eat gluten experience headaches, ADHD-like symptoms, and even depression. These side effects are caused by an inflammatory molecule called cytokines, which is released into the body when eating gluten. This molecule is detrimental to brain function and high levels of it have been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism. For those with gluten sensitivity, eliminating gluten entirely may be necessary to improve brain health. For those without gluten sensitivity, eliminating it is still a step in the right direction and may lead to a clearer, more focused mind.

Good for the Body

The molecule, cytokines, can also cause inflammation in your body tissue. If you’re gluten sensitive, you may notice joint pain or frequent muscle cramping after indulging in a gluten-filled meal. If you want to make sure your body is feeling its best at all times, a gluten free diet can help you find relief from your daily aches and pains. Aside from your muscles and joints, cytokines can also cause skin inflammation. Individuals with conditions like eczema can benefit greatly from switching to a gluten free diet.

More Energy

As it was said before, those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity have a hard time absorbing the right amount of vitamins and minerals when ingesting gluten. This can leave you feeling tired and fatigued, no matter how much sleep you get. Eliminate gluten and replace it with healthy, vitamin-rich foods. Instead of coffee in the morning, try eating some fresh fruits to get you going. The more you replace gluten with healthier and fresher items, the better you’ll feel.

Eat Clean at a Restaurant in Toms River

Gluten free is no longer just a restriction for those with Celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities. Gluten free is great for everyone. From improved digestion to higher energy levels, a gluten free diet is a great way to improve your overall health.

 At Tuscan Bistro Bar, we understand how difficult it can be to grab a quick bite while sticking to a healthy diet. That is why we offer a variety of gluten free options that are clearly labeled on our menu with a green “GF” icon. If you’re looking for gluten free fare at a restaurant in Toms River, stop in today to try our tasty options. For more information or to book a private event, contact us today!