Full Circle

When the Tuscan staff was asked why they thought Tuscan Bistro Bar was special and what made us better  than our competitors one team member responded with this summary. It is beautifully written and captures the very essence of all we have to offer.


Upon entering the Tuscan House, guests find it difficult to ignore the especially unique lighting fixture that greets them.  Tinted wine bottles are arranged in a circle, around light bulbs, making for an exquisite chandelier.  Guests will place inquiries about this source of light, while they appear to be in awe because of its beauty. While this fixture is the first of many “treasures” at the Tuscan House, it is also the most important. The wine bottle chandelier, in its circular shape, is a symbol of the unification of all things Tuscan at our restaurant. Our warm enviroment that makes friends feel like family, our one-of-a-kind pizza room- where pizzas are made to order in your view, and our desirable fire room- where you can warm up, watch the big game, and sip your favorite wine, all by the glow of toasty firey embers…these are some of the features that keep our guests ever-thirsty for Tuscan House time.  The “unity” in this restaurant wouldn’t be complete without our famous scarpariello wings, which are just one of the many delectable dishes that we have to offer.  One must go full swing around our restaurant to experience the truly beautiful atmosphere and essence that is created by our Tuscan House, because everything here ties together perfectly, in one great circle!