Dining and Entertainment – A Great Night Out

It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of a date night or an outing to catch up with family and friends, an evening of dining and entertainment is a great way to make it happen.

Date Night

Dining together is the perfect time to reconnect and stay involved in the day to day events of each other’s lives.

It’s a fairly well-established fact that mealtime is the perfect opportunity for this, but why go out? Why not do it at home? You can, but a night out makes it special and gives you something to look forward to.

Don’t you want date night to be more than just take out food and a movie on Netflix? A night out of dining and entertainment can help keep the spark in your relationship.

You’ll get out of your sweatpants and take a little extra effort in your appearance. Neither of you will be stuck over a hot stove after a long day at work and there won’t be any dispute about what’s for dinner. You can each order whatever you want.

Date night should also be more than going out, grabbing a bite to eat and heading back home. Dining and entertainment are a great combination for date night. Going to a restaurant that offers entertainment will make for a complete night out.

After enjoying a delicious meal, you can sit back and enjoy some good music. You might even want to get up and dance, burn off some of those calories from dinner or share a romantic slow dance.

Dining with the Gang

Dining out when you’re getting together with family and friends is the perfect way for everyone to relax and have a good time. No one will have to worry about cooking, what everyone will like, if there’s enough chairs or cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Some of these people you might see almost every day, but others you haven’t seen in weeks. With today’s busy schedules, It’s probably rare that everyone can get together at the same time, so make the most of it. Texts and tweets just don’t give you all the details of what’s been going on in their lives. You wouldn’t want to miss anything because you were too busy cooking or doing dishes.

After sharing a meal with everyone, you might not feel like you’re ready for the night to be over. Enjoying entertainment together, especially some great music is the perfect way to finish off an evening with the gang.

Driving somewhere else for the entertainment can break the mood or the momentum. Being able to enjoy it from your table or with just a short walk to the bar or the dance floor will give the night a party-like feel and keep the festive energy going. Come tomorrow, you’ll all be texting and tweeting about how much fun you had!

Dining and Entertainment – Why Both?

A night out is usually a way to take a break from the routine and hassles of your everyday life. Besides a full stomach, why not adjust your mood or perception as well?

Any type of entertainment can be a form of escape or distraction from everyday stress. Music especially can alter our moods, therefore possibly adjusting our attitudes and perceptions about what is going on in our lives.

Music is known to have an effect on various parts of the brain, causing the release of different hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine which can aide in happiness, euphoria and elation. It can also cause your brain to flush your body with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. A good mood can change your perspective, making the stress of everyday life a little easier to handle.

A better question would be why not both, dining and entertainment? And you can get both, right here at Tuscan Bistro Bar. We offer an extensive menu of delicious food, including health conscious selections such as our clean eating and gluten free options. In addition to our menu, we also offer various entertainment throughout the month including DJ’s, dance parties and for some added fun, Trivia Night.

Whether you’re hanging out with the gang or looking for a great spot for date night, Tuscan Bistro Bar is the perfect dining and entertainment destination. Call us, check us out on Twitter or Facebook or stop in and get started on your own night out!