Enjoy a Character Party With Your Children at Tuscan Bistro Bar

Do you have adventurous and imaginative children who simply can’t get enough of superheroes, royalty, pirates, and everything fantasy? Do you also enjoy restaurants with delicious dishes and a full bar? At a character party, your child will eat and be entertained as they are brought away to another world where fantasy is a reality. It doesn’t hurt that you can enjoy a delicious meal in the meantime. It’s time to take care of two birds with one stone with a character party at a quality restaurant.

A Magical Experience

Do you remember the magic of having your favorite fairy tales read to you as a child? A character party will truly enchant your child as the story book characters jump right off the page. They will be able to meet their favorite character acted out by an energetic and warm entertainer.

Does your daughter love dressing up and playing princess? Imagine how much she would enjoy meeting her favorite princess and playing along with her. Character actresses make sure that your little girl feels like a princess inside and out. To truly bring a fairy tale to life, she can have her face painted while she is wearing a princess dress. Meeting her favorite fairy tale character will leave a lasting impression on your child’s heart. You won’t be able to miss the sparkle in your girl’s eye when she dresses up and takes pictures with majestic friends.

Does your little boy love to pretend to save the day as his favorite superhero? He will be absolutely ecstatic to meet his hero in person. He can sling webs with Spiderman or hang out with an American hero. Your child will be over the moon when they experience a real life version of their everyday fantasies.

Fun Activities

Character parties are much more than a gathering of actors in costumes. Cherished characters also entertain children with music and fun activities. You can enhance a character party with face painters, balloon artists, and bubble machines. Kick back and relax knowing that your child is experiencing the night of their lives.

A birthday boy or girl can even be treated as royalty during a birthday crowning ceremony. Your child can also bring the fun home with them if you enhance the party with goodie bags, story books, and keepsake keychains. Every time they look at their gifts, they will remember their enchanting experience.

New Friends

We all remember our best friend from childhood and how excited we were to run around on play dates. We want the best for our children and try to give them every chance to make connections and form bonds. Character parties allow children to meet and bond outside of the classroom. These are also great places to meet the parents of your child’s friends, so you know that they are in good hands when visiting. You might even make some new friends for yourself.

Character party in Toms River

Play and Dine at a Character Party

While your child enjoys the d fun of a character party, why not enjoy yourself as well? Tuscan Bistro Bar has food and character nights on Tuesdays from 5-8 pm. Here you can enjoy authentic Italian dishes, American fare favorites, and a full bar all while entertaining your child. Try wood-burning oven pizzas, homemade pasta, juicy burgers and other delicious eats from their eclectic menu. A Tuscan character party will capture your child’s imagination whether they love superheroes or want to meet a real-life princess. Join us and let your child meet new friends and have fun while you all enjoy a great meal. Contact Tuscan Bistro Bar to learn more about character nights.