Brick Oven Pizza in Toms River NJ – Why Brick Ovens Are the Best

Many people list pizza as one of their favorite foods. All across the country, you’ll find signatures like New York’s thin crust, Chicago’s deep dish, Detroit’s Sicilian, and California’s gourmet style with nontraditional ingredients. Thinner crusts fired in a wood-burning brick oven are most popular here on the east coast, though. No matter which toppings you prefer, brick ovens are undoubtedly one of the best methods to make the perfect pizza, and Tuscan Bistro is the best place to go for brick oven pizza in Toms River NJ.

Archaeology provides evidence that many ancient civilizations utilized brick ovens to cook their food. The kitchens of today may be radically different than those of centuries ago, but the brick oven has endured. After all, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Cook in a Fraction of the Time

Brick ovens are so named because, obviously, they’re made of brick. The heat from the flame inside spreads and warms the bricks as well, which means that these ovens can reach temperatures up to 800ºF. By comparison, most conventional home ovens max out at 500ºF.

The intense heat from the brick oven drastically reduces the time it takes to cook the pizza. Where it may take you 8-10 minutes to heat a pizza in a conventional oven, a brick oven produces a crispy and perfectly cooked pie in just 2-3 minutes, depending on dough thickness.

The Perfect Crust

Pizza aficionados all know that a crust can make or break an entire pizza eating experience. Cook it too long, and the crust dries out, hardens, and becomes difficult to eat. Not long enough, and the dough doesn’t cook through, leading to a crust that’s too soft and, often, cheese that’s hardly melted.

Brick oven pizzas often have the best crust around, because of the way the oven works. The high heat acts as a seal, searing the outside of the crust while leaving moisture in the inner layer. This turns out a crust with a lovely golden color that’s crispy on the outside while being soft and fluffy on the inside.  

Crispy, Not Soggy

Just as the high heat of the oven seals in the moisture of the crust, it also produces crispy toppings that preserve their flavor and juiciness. Often, getting multiple toppings on a pizza means you may end up with a soggy, dripping crust. But brick oven pizzas come out cooked to perfection, no matter what kind of toppings you choose.

The high heat and quick cook time also ensure that your food will not be robbed of its nutritional value. Generally, cooking meat or vegetables at high heat for an extended period of time breaks down their micronutrients – the essential vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs. But because your brick oven pizza only cooks for 2-3 minutes, their nutritional integrity is preserved, giving your body a greater benefit.

Unique Flavor

Brick oven pizzas are well known for the unique flavor. It cannot be reproduced in a normal conventional oven. Because the high heat quickly breaks down traditional olive oil, brick oven pizzas are often cooked in the oven without much, if any, olive oil.

Instead, the oil is added once the pizza is fresh from the oven, meaning it’s fresher, nutritionally intact, and still full of flavor. It absorbs quickly into the hot pizza, rather than sitting atop it in a greasy mess.

Go to Tuscan for Brick Oven Pizza in Toms River NJ

Rather than going to your typical pizza place this weekend, look to Tuscan House for authentic brick oven pizza in Toms River NJ. All of Tuscan’s pizzas are fired in their brick oven, using imported Italian ‘OO’ flour, delicious San Marzano tomatoes, and hand-pulled mozzarella. All of our ingredients are fresh and our pizzas are made-to-order. Our menu is extensive, so even non-pizza-lovers can enjoy themselves!

As a special treat, children can design their own pizza creations! We provide the dough, and they can add the sauce, cheese, and toppings all on their own. We’ll fire it up and return it to the table so they can delight in enjoying a pizza they made themselves! Check us out and get some of the best brick oven pizza in Toms River NJ.