Wine Pairing

Wine Restaurants | What Makes Each Wine Variety Unique

There are restaurants with wine and then there are wine restaurants. The latter offer a delicious variety of wine types, years, and brands that keep you coming back for more. When you find yourself at a restaurant with a large wine selection, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Learning about different types of wine can not only make choosing a wine easier, but you can impress your friends with your extensive knowledge. White Wine Chardonnay Chardonnay is a white wine originating from Burgundy, France. This versatile wine takes on the flavors of its container. Chardonnay typically is wide bodied with toasty and citrus flavors. When barreled in oak, Chardonnay has honey and butter flavors while Chardonnay kept in stainless steel has fresh mineral accents. Seafood pairs very well with Chardonnay, especially oysters. Riesling Riesling originates from Germany but grows well in many wine districts. It has a crisp flavor with green apple, pear, and lime hints. When Riesling develops in age, it takes on honey flavors and gives off oily aromas. Its flavors vary depending on the district they come from. Wine restaurants recommend pairing Riesling with with poultry, pork, and spicy food. Pinot Gris Pinot Gris comes from areas like Oregon, New Zealand, and France. It is a rich wine with a hint of spice. Its…

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Wine and Dine – Tips for Pairing Food and Wine

Some things naturally go together, like coffee and donuts, or pizza and beer. The flavor profiles blend together in a way that’s magical for the taste buds. Most people know that red wines go with red meats, and white wines are best with fish. For most non-wine aficionados, that’s about where the knowledge stops. Pairing food and wine can be a delicate balance at times. The trick is blending the flavor profile of the wine with foods that compliment it. You don’t have to be a sommelier to understand the basics of wine pairing. If you’re looking to make a good impression, here are a few tips to help you wine and dine your friends, family, co-workers, or significant other. Basic Wine and Dine Tips One of the simplest rules to follow is to try matching the flavors of the wine with those typically paired with the meal. For example, many love having cranberry sauce with their Thanksgiving Turkey. Pinot Noir typically has cranberry or cherry flavors, and so it also pairs wonderfully with turkey or duck. Many like to squeeze some fresh lemon juice over a fish dish. An unoaked white wine, like Sauvignon Blanc, will add the same citrusy compliment to the fish. Peppery reds, like a Grenache or Syrah, embrace the flavor of red meats. Matching the…

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