Why Catering Your Next Event is a Good Idea

Whenever you are planning any type of event, social or business, there is always so much to do. Of course you will want to participate in your event as well as plan it, but that can be difficult if you spend most of it overseeing the all the details. Any task you can let someone else handle will free you up to enjoy your event. It is best to hire a catering service and leave the food preparation to the experts.

Choosing the Menu

This task can be almost as difficult as preparing all the food when hosting a large group. You will want to plan a menu that will appeal to everyone. A restaurant or service with catering expertise can help you create a selection of menu choices that will make it almost impossible for your guest not to find something they like.

Most catering services will also be able to tailor some of their menu options to accommodate guests who may have special dietary needs, such as gluten free options.

How Much Food Will You Need?

How many people will be attending your event? 30 guests? 50 guests or more? When was the last time you cooked for that many people? You probably never have, right? This is another reason catering is the best option when it comes to hosting a large event.

The restaurant or catering service has the experience to know how much food to prepare to comfortably accommodate all of your guests without running out or having too much food left over.

Cost Effective

Many people think that by not hiring a catering service for their event and doing it themselves, it will save them money. Most of the time this just isn’t true. Not only have you never cooked for the amount of people who are attending your event, you probably don’t have the proper equipment or kitchen facilities to handle the task, either.

A restaurant or catering service will have a professionally equipped kitchen with commercial-sized pots, pans, stove-tops and ovens to prepare the food with. They will also be able to purchase the amount of food need more efficiently and cost effectively.

Think about it, you will probably have to purchase additional kitchen equipment that you might never need again. You will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation if you invest that money in hiring a catering service instead.  

Additionally, if this is a business event, having it catered is really the only option as you won’t have the cooking facilities or the personnel to handle it. To maintain the professional atmosphere of a business event, even one held on the organization’s own premises, hiring a catering service is the best choice.


When we think of hiring a catering service, typically we think of the food being brought to your event. Most restaurants and larger catering services also have larger dining rooms or banquet halls to for hosting large events. Having the catering service host your event on their premises can often be a better option.

Their facility or banquet hall may be able to accommodate your guests more comfortably than you can at either your home or your business. You will also avoid the preparation and hassle of hosting the event yourself.

Let Us Do the Catering

Tuscan Bistro Bar offers a catering menu with a variety of menu options focusing on Italian specialties. Entertaining should be about participating in your event and enjoying the people you’re with, so let the Tuscan Bistro Bar take care of the rest. Our professional team will assist you in planning your next event from menu selection to wine pairing. We also have the facilities to host parties or special events on our premises. If you are looking for catering in Toms River or the surrounding Ocean County area, give us a call. For business or fun, the Tuscan Bistro’s experienced catering service is the perfect choice for a delicious and memorable event!