Where’s the Fun? Visit a Bar in Toms River

Do you constantly find yourself sitting at home with nothing to do? Whether it’s during the week or on the weekend, sometimes the same routine just doesn’t cut it. You want something different and fun to do with your friends or family. Maybe you need a new spot for date night every week. No matter what you’re looking for, visiting a bar in toms river may be the change of pace that you and your friends need. Here are just a few things that can turn a regular boring night into a fun and exciting experience.

Live Entertainment

Usually, every bar that you go into will have music playing in the background. Music is always a great way to boost the mood of the entire room. However, sometimes you just keep hearing the same songs from jukebox every night. That can get pretty old, really fast. Live music can be a wonderful change of pace. While music in general gets everyone in a good mood, live music really creates a great atmosphere in the entire bar. It’s as if you’re at a private concert with your friends. It’s always nice to support local bands and what better way to do so then by sitting at a bar in Toms River with your favorite drink in hand.


If you’re the competitive type and you have a knack for brain games, put your knowledge to the test with trivia every Tuesday night at a bar in Toms River. Those first two days of the work week can be tough. Playing trivia while enjoying some delicious cocktails is a great way to unwind and recharge for the rest of the week. Maybe you feel like you’ve been in a fog since the weekend. A little brain stimulation is a great way to snap out of it and get your mind working again.

Whether you’re going out for a date night with your significant other or just a night out with some friends and family, trivia is a fun activity for everyone. And don’t forget, the winning team usually gets a nice prize! So choose your team wisely, dust off the old trivial pursuit for some practice, and get ready to win trivia night at your local bar in Toms River. Who knows, you might just learn something new.

Happy Hour

When it’s happy hour, do you really need another excuse to head to the bar? Your favorite drink will taste even better when it costs less. You can use the extra cash you save on your drinks to buy a round of appetizers or large pizza for you and your friends. Meet some friends for a quick drink or go out with some of your co-workers for some office bonding. No matter who you go to happy hour with, you’re bound to have a nice time.  

Have Fun at a Bar in Toms River!

Tuscan Bistro Bar in Toms River offers all these fun activities for you and your friends. Whether you’re looking for live entertainment, some tricky trivia or a place to celebrate happy hour, we’ve got you covered. Come in on Tuesday nights to enjoy trivia and $5 dollar Tito’s Vodka drinks all night long. If you don’t think you have the brainpower for trivia, take a look at our upcoming events for live entertainment. Sometimes all you need at the end of a tough week is some good drinks, good food, and good music with friends. Come by for a drink or contact us for more information about our upcoming events!