Building The Most Bangin’ Burger In Toms River

When looking for the perfect burger in Toms River, you may find yourself limited to just a few options. Everyone has different tastes, and the perfect burger for one person may be mediocre to another. The best way to avoid this is to take matters into your own hands and build a custom burger. For a truly bangin’ burger, choose the ingredients that are best for you.

The Perfect Crunch

Texture is a huge aspect to the overall taste of a burger. For many burger lovers, experiencing the perfect crunch is the difference between a decent burger and a bangin’ one. There are many ways to go about giving your burger the perfect texture. Some like to keep it simple by adding crisp pickles to their burger. Others may choose the richer flavors of pancetta bacon and fried onions to deliver the perfect crunch. Even some perfectly placed potato chips can vastly improve the quality of your personalized burger. Try getting a little crispy when building a burger in Toms River.

Cheesy Bliss

It is no secret that cheese is a key component to a bangin’ burger. You may enjoy the crumbling texture of blue cheese, or the sharper flavor of Asiago on your burger. The more daring individual may find that a combination of cheeses is the best way to go. Melting slices of American and white cheddar together can give your burger a unique taste that you won’t find in a standard burger. You can even take things a step further and top your burger with macaroni and cheese. If you are building your own burger in Toms River, carefully consider which cheeses are right for you.

Meaty Combinations

Meat lovers should rejoice at the idea of building a custom burger in Toms River. Stack different meats on your burger for an amazing taste. Those looking for a salty burger can top their succulent sandwich with smoked bacon. Others looking for some spice can pile on the pepperoni. The dedicated meat lover should consider an extra patty, or even several meat toppings at once.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies

Even the most carnivorous burger lover can appreciate the value fresh vegetables can add. A single piece of crunchy lettuce can turn a good burger into a great one. A juicy tomato and fresh onions add succulence and variety to a custom burger. Onion lovers should consider whether they want caramelized, raw, or fried onions to spice up their order. Fresh avocado can also add a decadent, creamy texture. Never underestimate how much delicious vegetables can benefit your personalized burger.

Saucy Toppings

Most aficionados building a personal burger in Toms River won’t settle for a few packets of ketchup when considering sauce choices. Sauce lovers can top their burger with the standard combination of mustard, ketchup, and mayo, or do something more creative. Covering your beef patty with barbecue sauce can give it a “steak house” flare. You may also want something more original by adding a delectable blackberry brandy sauce. Others may prefer a pizza style burger with marinara sauce over melting mozzarella cheese. Don’t forget to decide whether you want just a bit of sauce, or a completely dripping burger.

Choose Tuscan Bistro Bar For The Most Bangin’ Burger In Toms River

Tuscan Bistro Bar offers ideal choices for building a custom burger. The experienced cooks at Tuscan Bistro Bar will create your idea of a truly bangin’ burger. Whether you are trying to build a crunchy burger with delicious sauces, or a meaty burger overflowing with cheese, Tuscan House has you covered. Contact us to hear about daily specials and popular burger combinations, or check out the menu to start planning the perfect burger today.