Easy Weekday Meals – Dining Out at Tuscan Bistro Bar

Most people go out to eat over the weekend. It makes sense because the weekend is when we have the most time to sit back, relax, and spend time with family and friends. However, dining out doesn’t have to be reserved solely for Saturdays and Sundays. In fact, it might possibly make more sense to go out to eat during the week. In our quest for quick and easy weekday meals, dining out is an option that’s often overlooked.

Making Dinner Can Be a Hassle

You’ve got a lot to do in one day. You wake up early, maybe get a morning workout in, get yourself ready, and then head off to work. After a long and grueling day, does anyone really feel like making dinner? You’ve got to prep the food, actually cook it, and then clean up the mess. After a day on your feet, or sitting in front of a computer screen, all you really want to do is relax and spend time with your friends and family.

Dining out during the week makes a lot of sense, especially for that night where you might work especially late, or maybe your child has a late soccer practice. Normally you would have to run home, scramble to get the ingredients prepared, and wait for it all to cook while your stomach rumbles. You hastily throw everything together, and you’re lucky if you even start to eat before 8pm. What you made isn’t even as good as it could have been, because you had to rush to make it. Then you have to clean everything up.

Why not skip all that? Save yourself the time and hassle. Gather yourself and your family and enjoy an easy weekday meal by dining out.

A More Intimate Experience

If you want to take your spouse or partner out to dinner, sometimes the best night to choose is a weeknight. During the weekend, restaurants can be fuller and louder, or it can be hard to make sure you get a table. By choosing to dine out on a weeknight, you can enjoy a more subdued atmosphere that will let you focus only on each other.

Weeknight dining isn’t just for couples, either. After a high stress day at work, there’s nothing better than grabbing some happy hour drinks and meals with your coworkers or friends. On weeknights, there’s more room at the bar so you can all sit down and cut loose with ease and comfort.

Eat Quality Food

Often, the food that cooks the quickest isn’t exactly the healthiest. Part of having quick and easy weekday meals means eating processed foods that are already partially assembled in order to speed up preparation time. While the convenience of this is nice, it detracts some from the nutritional value of the food.

If you dine out at Tuscan Bistro Bar, you can eat quality food prepared from fresh ingredients and made to order. The quality of a meal that’s freshly cooked just for you will certainly be better than anything coming from your microwave. What would you rather have – that Stouffer’s lasagna in a plastic tray, or our delicious eggplant parmigiana fresh from the oven?

Take Advantage of Our Deals

Dining out during the week comes with perks for your wallet too. You can take advantage of our deals and specials. The volume of traffic in most restaurants is lower during the week because most people dine out on the weekend. Because of that, restaurants will generally offer weeknight deals and specials to try and draw in customers.

For instance, at Tuscan, every Wednesday night we offer BOGO ribs. We also have discounted drinks for Happy Hour. You can also enjoy our Sunset Menu from 3 – 5:30pm every day. These are just a few examples, but you get the idea! Dining out during the week may actually be less expensive than on the weekend.

Easy Weekday Meals Aren’t Just for Dinner, Either!

Wouldn’t you like to sleep in a little, rather than wake up early in order to pack yourself a lunch? Why not grab some food while you’re out? Come into Tuscan during your lunch break, and you can choose any two items from out Tic Toc Lunch Menu and pay just $7.99. Save some time and money by choosing our easy weekday meals, fresh and fast!

So don’t rush to make an underwhelming dinner this week. Save yourself the time and hassle. Treat yourself to stress-free and easy weekday meals by dining out right here at Tuscan Bistro Bar. You can check out our menu online before hand, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!