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Try Gluten Free Options at a Restaurant in Toms River

For people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, the gluten free diet is nothing new. It has helped those people to find relief in their everyday life. People who don’t suffer from Celiac disease may think going gluten free is unnecessary but it does offer many health benefits. Still, completely changing the way you eat is easier said than done. Going gluten free means shopping for different foods and researching different recipes. You may ask yourself, “Where do I even start?”. The easiest way to start could be to try gluten free options at your favorite restaurant in Toms River. Once you understand and have experienced the benefits of gluten free, you may never want to go back. Improved Digestion One of the main symptoms of Celiac disease is inflammation in the small intestine and the flattening of the intestinal villi. This makes it difficult for the small intestine to properly absorb important vitamins and minerals. For those suffering from Celiac, eliminating gluten from your diet is a great way to find relief. If you don’t have Celiac but you feel like you have a weak stomach, eating gluten free is a great way to start eating clean and can help to improve your digestive system. Good for the Mind According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, those with…

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Healthy Dinners | Eating Out the Right Way

While trying to stay healthy, going out to eat can be intimidating. There are so many temptations to eat heavily processed or unhealthy foods. By heading to a restaurant that promotes clean eating, you get to enjoy the convenience and fun of going out to eat without the guilt. So what exactly goes into healthy dinners and what is clean eating? Clean Eating Clean eating is a term that is often confused with organic food as well as raw food. In actuality, clean eating simply means food that is processed, refined, or handled as little as possible. In practice, this means eating garden fresh vegetables and grilled, minimally processed meats and grains. Restaurants that offer healthy dinners typically use fresh, local ingredients with a minimal use of salt or other unhealthy additives. What Counts as Processed Food? The term ‘processed food’ is usually associated with frozen foods and snacks with very long shelf lives. These foods are actually ultra-processed foods and processed foods are simply foods with any type of additives. These can range from salt and sugar all the way to genetic modification. Restaurants that offer healthy dinners will typically switch out additives like salt and sugar for healthier options like garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. Most food is processed to some degree, but clean eating is centered…

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