Places To Eat in Toms River : How Far Can 10 Dollars Go?

So you are looking for places to eat in Toms River, but you only have 10 dollars to spend. You’re about to settle for fast food when you remember that it’s Monday. That 10 dollar meal just went from a bag of fast food to a delicious entrée of your choosing. You’ll be surprised just how far 10 dollars will go at Tuscan Bistro Bar every Monday!


For 10 dollars, you can usually only get a measly quarter pound hamburger. By heading to Tuscan Bistro Bar on a Monday, you can double up your meal with a half pound bangin’ burger. Try a burger with fresh mozzarella cheese, crispy pancetta bacon, and fried onions on a poppy seed Brioche roll.

You can build your own burger with the bun, cheese, toppings, and sauce of your choosing. From caramelized onions to fresh avocado, there is no shortage of toppings to create the perfect burger for you. Not only is this an amazing burger, but you can get it for only 10 dollars!


This Monday, your 10 dollar sandwich can be so much more than wonder bread and deli meat. Instead, you can feast on a hearty sandwich with breaded chicken cutlets, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, ricotta cheese, fresh tomato and provolone cheese, all on grilled Panella bread. Trade out that peanut butter and jelly for sliced strip steak, sauteed onions and gouda cheese on a grilled semolina bread.  For only 10 bucks, you can sink your teeth into a truly delectable sandwich.


If you look through all the places to eat in Toms River, you will be hard pressed to find a 10 dollar pasta entrée. Don’t break the budget to get a great pasta dinner, just dine out on a Monday. You won’t believe you only spent 10 dollars when you dive into a dish of rigatoni smothered with a blend of melted provolone, mozzarella, grated parmesan and sweet ricotta cheese, sprinkled with breadcrumbs, all baked in a brick oven.


Hungry for pot roast this Monday? You have a choice between spending hours in the kitchen or putting down a 10 dollar bill for an authentic pot roast dinner. Of all the places to eat in Toms River, where else can you get a pot roast served over creamy mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and smothered in homemade brown gravy for only 10 bucks?


When people think of 10 dollar chicken, a red and white bucket of fried chicken usually comes to mind. Every Monday you can have so much more. Enjoy chicken breasts sautéed with fresh lemon, cream, white wine, and capers. Or you can go with grilled chicken topped with fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers, served over spaghetti in garlic and oil. Hankering for fried chicken? For 10 dollars, enjoy fried chicken cutlets with spinach, mushrooms, ricotta, tomato and provolone served with spaghetti marinara.

Forget The Other Places To Eat In Toms River

Every Monday, you can get the most delicious entrées in Toms River for only 10 bucks.  Tuscan Bistro Bar is the best spot in town with a warm, casual atmosphere and great food. We have a full bar to accompany your meal with a full selection of draft and bottled beers, an extensive wine list and premium spirits.
Tuscan is always hosting events like trivia night and live music that is sure to spice up your week. Conveniently located across the street from the Ocean County Mall, Tuscan Bistro Bar is a premiere restaurant located in Toms River. Contact us to find out more about 10 dollar Mondays or simply come down and see for yourself what we have to offer!