Treat Mom to a Relaxing Mother’s Day Brunch

Looking for Mother’s Day ideas? Going out for Mother’s Day Brunch is a great and relaxing way to get the whole family together. This year, let Mom sleep in then head over to Tuscan Bistro Bar for a sprawling buffet of delicious food and a full bar in the perfect atmosphere to celebrate Mom’s special day.

Give Mom a Break

Mother’s Day is a time to commemorate all of the time, energy, and love your mother put into raising her family. What’s a better way to celebrate than letting someone else do the cooking? Going out for Mother’s Day brunch lets mom relax while enjoying great food. Should you cook for mom rather than going out this Mother’s Day, you end up spending most of the time in the kitchen that is better spent with her. Gather up the family and go out so everyone can enjoy themselves and bond as a family. Of course, there is nothing better than your mother’s cooking, but you should give her a day off and come out for a close second best Mother’s Day brunch.

Loosen Up

Being a mother is no easy feat. Whether her children are young or old, there is always something for her to worry about. This Mother’s Day, allow Mom to relax and enjoy herself with a few drinks. Nothing goes better with Mother’s Day brunch than a fresh mimosa or her favorite cocktail. At Tuscan. Mom can enjoy a full bar and the service of expert mixologists at her favorite restaurant in town. Nothing brightens up the mood of the entire family like watching Mom enjoy herself and have a few laughs.

Open Up

Now that Mom has a drink in hand and her favorite entree, open up and let her know just how special she is. Take this time to give your mother an honest and glowing gesture of appreciation. Thank her for all of the love, support, and guidance she gave you throughout the years. These kinds of things make the difference between a casual Mother’s Day brunch and a truly memorable experience. This year, make sure mom knows just how great she is.

Quality Time and Great Value

The best part of Mother’s Day brunch is a relaxing afternoon with Mom and the fact that there will be no surprises when the bill comes is a major bonus. This Mother’s Day, a bountiful brunch buffet is only $25 per person. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with as much food as you could ever want for one fair price. Give your mom a feast fit for a queen this Mother’s Day without doing any major damage to your wallet.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Tuscan Bistro Bar

If you are going out this Mother’s Day, make sure you go somewhere that she’ll love. Join us in celebrating our mothers at Tuscan Bistro Bar this year. For only $25, you can try various authentic dishes off our extensive menu in a sprawling buffet. The buffet offers everything from omelets cooked to order to delicious scarpariello wings. If you are bringing little ones, children under 12 will only cost you $12. Let Mom unwind with a complimentary mimosa or glass of champagne.  Whether you are in our elegant fireplace room or seated in our main dining room, the ambiance will set the mood for the perfect Mother’s Day Brunch. To learn more about our menu and specials, contact us today.