How to Enjoy Eating Out with the Kids at Your Local Restaurant

Are you looking to go enjoy yourself out at a local restaurant but worry about how your kids might act? This is a hurdle that many parents come across which may lead them to stay home rather go out to eat. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for a calm and pleasant dinner out with the kids. Think about these tips next time you take the family out for a meal.

Family Friendly Restaurant

Even if your children are well behaved, there are some restaurants where they won’t be welcome. Some places are explicit in this, and with others, the rule is to be assumed. Before you bring your kids to a local restaurant, make sure it is family-friendly. Check to see if they have a kids menu or go to a restaurant you are already familiar with. By doing a little research, you can find a family-friendly restaurant that both you and your kids can enjoy.

Eat Early

This is one of the simplest, most effective tips for going out to eat with your kids. If you go to a restaurant during the early evening or late afternoon, the chances of dinner running smoothly are much higher. First of all, the restaurant won’t be so full. This means you are less likely to disturb others and there won’t be so many distractions for your kids.

The wait staff won’t be frazzled so they can better deal with the unique task of taking a child’s food order. Also, there are often happy hour specials at restaurants during the early evening, so you can save some extra money. Finally, the later you bring kids out to eat, the more likely they will become tired and act up. Next time you take the kids out, eat early!

Pack Distractions

When bringing kids out to a local restaurant, it’s always a good idea to bring distractions for them. The time between ordering and the food being served can cause a child to become restless and moody. Distractions can prevent a child from getting bored or calm them down if they are misbehaving. Pack a toy, a coloring book, or anything that can keep a child busy without making much noise.

Explain Expectations

A great way to get kids to behave at a local restaurant is by mentally preparing them for the outing. Explain to your children what you expect out of them. Tell them they should use good manners, eat with utensils, sit up at the table and keep the noise down. It is also important to give children a time frame of how long the meal will last. Preparing them ahead of time will put your children in the mindset of behaving themselves. This way, if they start to get rowdy, you can say “remember what we talked about,” rather than explaining them the rules on the spot.

Interactive Fun at a Family-Friendly Local Restaurant

“Don’t play with your food!” How often have you heard a parent tell their child this at a restaurant? Kids love having interactive fun, but they need a constructive way to do so. This is where build-your-own pizza comes in.

How to Enjoy Eating Out with the Kids at Your Local Restaurant


Family friendly restaurants have come up with a way to keep kids entertained while remaining constructive. Tuscan Bistro Bar offers your kids the opportunity to build their own pizza. We give your kids all the ingredients to build their own and let them become a chef for the night. Your kids will love covering their pizza with cheese and toppings and will be so proud of the finished product. Tuscan Bistro Bar uses high-quality ingredients and a wood fire oven to provide the best build-your-own pizza around. You might need to have your child make a second pizza for you!

If you are bringing the kids out to eat, make sure to go to a local restaurant that is family-friendly, fun, and delicious. Tuscan Bistro Bar covers all the bases with a warm atmosphere, patient wait staff, build-your-own pizza, and great food. Our kids’ menu is sure to satisfy any child’s hunger without putting a dent in your wallet. For a great night out with the whole family, come join us at Tuscan Bistro Bar.